Black Rose Caravan Duet by Stacy Duvall

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Black Rose Caravan is an Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) belly dance troupe in Indianapolis, Indiana.

BRC is directed by Celeste.  Black Rose Caravan's signature style blends in movements from American Tribal Style as well as Tribal Fusion. While we respect the rich heritage of Folkloric dance, we embrace belly dance as an evolving art form open to artistic interpretation.

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Black Rose Caravan merchandise is available at in several designs, including individual member items:

BRC Duet - Black Rose Caravan Duet
BRC One Tribe - Black Rose Caravan - One Tribe
BRC One Tribe Celeste - Celeste
BRC One Tribe Parvaneh - Parvaneh
BRC One Tribe Suri - Suri
BRC One Tribe Akilah - Akilah

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Black Rose Caravan

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